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Starry Sky

4 Week Wellness Program

Online guide with weekly mentor coaching sessions

 $350 nzd 

Embark on a transformative journey that transcends the realms of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our comprehensive lifestyle change program is thoughtfully curated for individuals seeking authentic, sustainable changes to achieve and maintain their fitness and wellness goals. Whether you're navigating the demands of a busy life or embracing everyday challenges, our program is designed to empower you on your unique well-being journey.

Phase 1: Renew and Detoxify (Week 1) Kickstart your journey with a rejuvenating week-long detox to cleanse your body of toxins and release stagnant energy. Clear the slate for a fresh start, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and set meaningful health goals. With the support of our dedicated team, lay the foundation for a transformative experience.


Phase 2: Mind-Body Connection (Weeks 2-3) Delve deeper into your well-being journey as we emphasize the profound connection between the mind and body. Cultivate mindfulness and compassion towards yourself, your body, and your thoughts. Engage in personalized exercise and yoga activities, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. This phase provides a diverse range of activities, allowing you to focus on specific practices that resonate with you, building a solid foundation for ongoing well-being.

Phase 3: Integration and Empowerment (Week 4) In the final week, seize the opportunity to integrate the activities and habits that align with your vision for a new lifestyle. Tailor your plan to include weight loss, stress management, increased energy, and focused goal achievement. This phase is your chance to solidify the positive changes and habits you wish to carry forward into your enriched and revitalized life.

Your Wellness Goals Await:

  • Achieve sustainable weight loss

  • Master stress management techniques

  • Boost energy levels and enhance focus

  • Actualize and surpass your life goals

Why Choose This Program?

  • Personalized Approach: Tailored activities and practices designed for your unique lifestyle.

  • Professional Support: Guidance from our experienced team throughout your transformative journey.

  • Holistic Mind-Body Connection: Emphasis on mindfulness, compassion, and personalized fitness activities.

Transform Your Life Today: Take the first step toward a healthier, more fulfilled life. Contact us to enroll in our 30-day holistic wellness program and experience the transformative power of mindful living.

Seize the opportunity to create lasting change in your life. Your well-being journey starts now.

With dedication to your holistic health,

Leza Schwab and Team

Starry Sky

Tools for teachers and students

Online , join any time

 $300 nzd per course

Discover a curated collection of online yoga courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions crafted for yoga teachers, allowing you to enhance your teaching toolkit and confidently address diverse conditions. Learn to seamlessly integrate yoga therapeutics principles for improved well-being and fitness in your classes.


Even if you're not a yoga teacher, benefit from session plans and guidance for managing your personal practice. Elevate your knowledge of yoga, gain practical insights for teaching, and understand how to adapt yoga to changing needs in both your classes and daily life. Experience direct, tangible benefits for your teaching journey and personal well-being.

Each course includes

  • An introduction to working with specific populations to expand your knowledge as a teacher or practitioner of yoga.

  • Nurturing guided yoga practices and class templates

  • Informative course manual and resources

  • A course certificate after the successful completion 

  • Ongoing mentoring and support


CPD Yoga for seniors

Online, join any time

Learn specific skills to address the needs of older adults.

How to safely promote strength, balance, flexibility and pain relief with yoga.

Enhance the wellness experience, improve and work with diminished mobility or movement,  increase grace, strength and optimal health at any age.


  • Learn the key health issues facing older adults

  • Adapting yoga practices safely and effectively for seniors.

  • How to present a chair yoga class and a traditional yoga practice.

  • Includes comprehensive notes.

Natural Herbs


Online,  join any time


Incorporate yoga's sister science, the wisdom of Ayurveda into your own life, yoga practice and classes.

Recognize the doshas in your own practice or students.

Rebalance Design a class or practice session to attune to the season, time of day, weather and other natural rhythms occurring in nature.

The course aims to develop your understanding of the doshas and how you can work towards balance and health in all aspects of life.  Giving a  deeper understanding will give insight into adaptations to include in your personal practice which can also be incorporated into group classes or your private client sessions.

  • What is Ayurveda?

  • The language of Ayurveda

  • Understanding dosha, personal constitutions & current conditions

  • Causes of imbalance

  • Ayurveda approach to nutrition

  • How to balance dosha using yoga

  • Teaching group yoga classes and personal practice of yoga with Ayurveda


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Online join at any time

As a yoga teacher, working with expectant mothers can be a rewarding and unique experience. There are so many questions when working with pregnancy, so this course aims to answer those questions.

Giving you tools that will empower you, the yoga teacher, to work with pregnant women.

Learn skills and variations to safely guide women in their yoga practice throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

How to use yoga to manage some common discomforts of pregnancy as well as the birth and beyond. Comprehensive notes and practical session included.

  • Key discussion and observation when working with a pregnant woman

  • Building strength and stability for a positive impact on a woman’s health and her baby

  • Contraindications for pregnancy

  • Prenatal yoga do’s and don’ts

Field of Flowers

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Online course , $500

We all need restorative yoga at times of our lives.

By using appropriate asana, breathwork, meditation and yoga Nidra we have the tools to rebalance the nervous system and managing daily stress.  


  • Learn the conditions required to encourage deep restorative rest.

  • Which poses to offer and why

  • The science of restorative yoga.

  • How to teach and to practice restorative yoga without the need for propping.

  • Discussion on contraindications and common conditions.

  • Understanding and instruction for authentic Yoga Nidra.

Leza Schwab is a yoga tutor and trainer for a 200 hour yoga alliance certified school. If you wish to deepen your yoga training and become a yoga teacher please contact her for more information.

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