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Sankalpa - the positive intention

Sankalpa is the Sanskrit word for intention.: San “to become one with” and Kalpa “time” or “subconscious mind".

You can use Sankalpa as a way to set purpose and to realise your deepest intention. The Sankalpa can inspire, motivate, and create an internal determination. Intentions can help you stay focused and keep your mind steady.

Putting your intention, the Sankalpa, into words gives you something to work with or towards in a positive intentional way. It is simply a short phrase or sentence that is clearly and concisely expressed, using the same wording each time. Use to bring about a positive change. You can choose the type of intention you want to use based on your desired outcome – whether you want to stay focused and keep your mind steady or present, feel a certain way or invoke a certain type of change or shift in your life.

You can think of your destination or outcome as the journey across a river, what steps do you need to take to get to the other side? Are you ready for one giant step or do you need to change habits and create new opportunities within you as part of the journey? What will bring out the best in you? Take a moment to decide and create your Sankalpa from there.

Create the Sankalpa, use positive language in a simple phrase.

Repeat the Sankalpa three times.

Keep it the same each time.

Use the Sankalpa as an affirmation as you wake, before sleep or as you move into yoga practice or meditation.

There is no right or wrong simply keep the statement positive as though it is already happening.

The Sankalpa is another yoga tool to uplift and empower us, helping us evolve to the best version of ourselves, the union of body and mind.

If you would like to know more about Sankalpa and creating the positive intention that is personal to you come and join me for a private yoga class and work towards the changes that are possible for you.

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